Your Billing Agreement With Microsoft Corporation Has Been Cancelled

c. Sify is not liable or liable for non-compliance or delay in the performance of its obligations under these conditions, to the extent that failure or delay is due to circumstances that are not properly monitored by Sify (such as labour disputes, acts of God, wars or terrorist activities, malicious damage, accidents or compliance with applicable laws or compliance with applicable laws or the Order of Community Law). Sify will strive to minimize the impact of these events and to meet unaffected commitments. i. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement on its purpose and replaces any prior or simultaneous communications. In the event of a conflict between the documents contained in this Agreement, which are not expressly resolved in these documents, their conditions are checked in the following decreasing order of priority: (1) this online subscription contract, (2) the terms of the online services, (3) the applicable offer details and (4) all other documents in this contract. «portal» refers to the respective websites of online services that are located on, or on another website we identify. These conditions («conditions») include the use of the products, Skype websites and consumer services, from Sify Technologies Limited («Sify,» «we,» «we» or «unser,» as required by context), which provides the sale and distribution of Skype, SkypeOut and Skype credits and all other paid Skype products (the «Services») via (the «Skype website») to users («you») whose user billing address you currently have («you») n. government customers. Government customers should contact Microsoft prior to adoption. By accepting this agreement, you state that you have complied and will continue to comply with all procurement laws and regulatory requirements. c.

corrective measures. If we reasonably believe that a claim under section 5.a. (i). may make your use of the product, we will strive (i) to obtain the right to continue using it; or (ii) modify or replace them with a functional equivalent and warn you to stop using the previous version of the product. If these options are not commercially acceptable, we may terminate your rights to use the product and then refund all advance payments for unused subscription fees. d. Severability. If part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the rest will remain fully in force. If the taxes on the payments you make to us are to be withheld, you can deduct those taxes from the amount owed to us and pay them to the appropriate tax authorities; However, provided we immediately obtain and issue an official receipt for deductions and other documents that we reasonably request to claim a foreign tax credit or refund. They must ensure that the taxes withheld are, as far as possible, kept to a minimum in accordance with current legislation.

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