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If you apply the early decision I or II, you must include in your application an agreement indicating that you are committed to visiting the University of Chicago if you are accepted (if you complete your application and select «Early Decision,» these forms will be posted). If you need help deciding on an application schedule, check out our article on EA vs. ED vs. REA. The advance decision is an application plan in which student students can apply before the normal deadline expires and obtain their admission decision in mid-December (for edA applicants) or mid-February (for ed II applicants). All ED applicants enter into a binding agreement with the university to participate anyway if they are admitted. Students admitted to one of the advance decision rounds must withdraw all other applications and file a deposit of USD 250 by January 15 (for ED I) or March 15 (for ED II). If the University of Chicago Law School is your first choice, you should apply for our mandatory early decision program. If you are a graduate of the University of Chicago College or are about to graduate, you can also apply for the Early Decision decision via the Chicago Law Scholars Program. All applicants must apply through the Flexible Law School Admission Board (LSAC) n.A., which is fully accessible to the visually impaired.

Applicants with disabilities who require adequate accommodation to complete the application process should contact the accreditation body at 773-702-9484 or contact admissions@law.uchicago.edu with their application. The University of Chicago, in the famous Chicago, Illinois, is a 130-year-old force set for intellectual excellence and eccentricity. Campus culture fosters academic debate and learning, which is why «the life of the mind» is a phrase often used among students. The private research university has a enrolment of students of more than 6,000 students, all of whom work under a shift-based system. Of all 2024 class applicants, only 6.2% were accepted, making UChicago the seventh most selective college in the United States. Intense, as the contest may seem, earning a place in this year`s class can be all the more possible by reading our Ultimate Guide. Average Stats of Accepted University of Chicago Students It is not surprising that a school known for nerdiness rewards academic excellence; the mid 50% SAT score for the class of 2024 at UChicago was 1510-1560, and 1518 was the overall average score. Meanwhile, the average value of the ACT was 34, the average of 50% was 34-35. 99% of students were in the top 10% of their class.

Keep in mind that universities interpret your achievements, academic and otherwise, in the context of your environment. This is probably why the vast majority of admitted students were in the highest decile of their upper class; independently of their standardized test results, which is acknowledged within their respective communities. Although many accepted students have submitted somewhere between a median score (according to UChicago standards to this!) to a perfect, please remember that statistics are not everything. 1020 SATs and 20 ACTs also arrived on the admission stack. While your stats probably won`t or won`t break your admission status, with solid will at least keep the interest of your admission agents. Lower numbers will hurt you, with the exception of under-represented minorities, bequests and recruited athletes. Although your standardized test score is not a complete measure of your academic ability, many universities will treat them as such if you decide to submit them.

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