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Some water agencies in Victoria also use a categorization system to group together types of commercial waste producers. These categories are used to define a single pricing mechanism and to establish pre-processing requirements for an industry as a whole. For example, grease traps for restaurants. If a pre-care solution is required, a routine maintenance and maintenance requirement is also established. Any water used in the preparation or cooking of food, cleaning dishes or washing the kitchen that comes down from the drain is considered commercial waste and must be treated. A commercial waste agreement defines how your business should manage and dispose of wastewater. The Environmental Protection Agency and VicWater have collaborated on the development of a best practice guide for Victoria water authorities. This guide serves as a guide to how commercial waste is considered and managed in the state, as each water authority implements its own commercial waste agreements. It is important to note that the criteria for commercial waste depend on a number of factors specific to each water management authority.

These include the volume of commercial waste, the nature and capacity of water treatment facilities, contamination background concentrations, etc. Customers can consult with the water agency, which is responsible for their activities, following the commercial waste policy for more details. We provide equipment and services that will help you keep your commercial waste compliant with your Yarra Valley Water Trade Agreement… Learn more Commercial commercial or minor waste comes from companies that may contain grease or oil or food products in their waste, including: commercial waste is water related to water used in a commercial environment for food preparation, cooking, cleaning dishes or cleaning the kitchen. This wastewater must be treated before entering sewers and our waterways. Otherwise, it could have a huge environmental impact. In Victoria, compliance with commercial waste agreements is imposed by a five-step procedure: Cleanawater is an Australian company specializing in wastewater treatment facilities and solutions. We have over 20 years of experience and can work with you to identify your risks and the best pre-compliance solutions. Each local water authority has a number of standard specifications that waste producers must meet.

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