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This funding gives Digimarc enough capital to accelerate the growth of the barcode business. In addition, it should be sufficient to finance the company through profitability, even if the most conservative macro-scenarios and micro-scenarios are adopted. For those interested, this Deck contains detailed work to assist these points. TCM is a simple-to-use, menu-based web system with many advantages: if the total value of the contract is 15K or more, contact the purchasing office before proceeding. If a purchase request is required, the service should not forward the contract request to BCO. The purchasing office will file the application on behalf of the TCM department after receiving the purchase request and meeting the procurement requirements. (BCO then adds the applicant as a «stakeholder» so that the applicant can follow the process electronically.) CORAL GABLES, Fla., September 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TCM| Strategic announced today that it has agreed to acquire $53.5 million in common and convertible preferred capital from Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC). For more information about the transaction, see Digimarc`s press release. TCM| Strategic`s decision to make this investment is the result of two conclusions: this page lists the method used by departments to submit their business contract applications to the Commercial Contracts Office.

The method of transmission is electronic routing via the Total Contracts Manager (TCM) system. TCM transmission offers several advantages to departments, including those listed below. Send your contract application electronically via the Total Contracts Manager (TCM) system within Rowdy Exchange Convinced that no group has a monopoly on good ideas, we look forward to communicating with all Digimarc stakeholders, as we help the company realize the enormous value of this platform. We can be reached by email under [email protected]. For more information on purchase requirements and purchase requests, please visit the purchasing office`s website at: That is why we believe Digimarc will reduce outstanding shares at the next access to the stock market and not increase them.

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