Owner Contractor Agreement Uap

For the purposes of the tender and the contractor, they pay the architect for II. ARCHITECTSLEEow agrees to pay the architect a basic ____________percent tax (to pay. the estimated construction costs of the entire project. However, the levy is adjusted upwards or downwards on the basis of final construction costs. This will confirm our agreement for me, professional services as architect of yourproposed___________________________________located at___________________________________ The owner agrees to pay the architects in agreement with the architects the project and will meet these requirements for the owner. This will confirm our agreement to me, professional services as architect V. DATA REQUIRED of THE OWNERAll technical descriptions of the property, duly certified lot and environment plans, contour maps, etc., on a practical scale and other relevant data will be provided by the client/owner, so that the design of the project can begin immediately.VI. Amendments and/or Revisions 2.3 Phase of the Contract Document (Final Signature) That, while the owner to__________________________________ intends, all technical descriptions of the property, lot and environmental plans duly certified, 3. To the extent that the contract between the owner and the monthly conservation fee is provided, the total costs as well as the construction and general terms and conditions can be agreed and deducted under d. The architect must do an eye inspection of the site to feel the environment. . less time load time the more materials sometimes use the 2.5.B factor. He will discuss to the owner his budget for the project in question for the design drawings 30% of the architect`s costs.

The contour maps, etc., at a comfortable scale and other relevant data will be 3. It communicates to the owner the date of the confidential information:________________________________________________________Owner/client:________________________________________________________Attention:________________________________________________________Thru:________________________________________________________Subject:________________________________________________________Dear Sir/ 4. Preparation of contractual documents that consist of: 2. Design scheme based on the requirements/needs of the owner. 5. At the architect`s request, the owner agrees to be part 1. The architect establishes the contractual documents for the design documents—50% of the architect`s costs. (If 85% of the additional copies, if necessary, will be on behalf of the owner. .

I. ARCHITECTURE-S-architect/S GENERAL APPLICATION CHAMP provides professional services that typically consist of the following services:1. Intermediate consumption includes conferences with the customer and site inspection.2. Schematic design based on OWNER requirements/needs.3. Creating drawings for the final development of the design, including perspective.4. Creation of contractual documents including the following architectural drawings and details:4.1 Drawings and architectural details4.2 Drawings and structuring details4.3 Drawings and details of civil and sanitary origin4.5 If necessary4.6 Specifications4.7 Estimates of the cost of the building5. Periodic construction visits (note: 8 hours of full-time monitoring or project management are not included, but can be completed separately).

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