Montana Residential Rental Agreement

Create an official standard montana rental agreement for residential real estate (see above), download a free and filling-up model form (see word and PDF buttons) or continue reading to learn more about Montana State lease laws. Information on when or not your landlord may enter your rental unit. If you are renting a residence in Montana, this article will help you know your rights under an oral rental agreement and what you can do to enforce your rights. Read more Applicable to all rental units built before 1978. Lead-Based Paint – Necessary only if the rental area was built before 1978. This disclosure informs tenants of the question of whether lead paint remains on the site. There are two common types of leases: leases and monthly leases. Montana leases are used exclusively by landlords and tenants who wish to balance themselves through the use of commercial or residential space. The contract is designed to fully negotiate lease conditions such as monthly payment, supply services (cable, electricity, etc.), car parks, late charges and other property related to the rental of the property.

The landlord usually requires the tenant to complete a rental application before signing. After the owner`s agreement, the parties must meet to execute a formal contract. In Montana, homeowners must submit a mold claim under the lease if there is a known presence of toxic form. This disclosure must be made next to or on the lease itself and must contain the following excerpt: Disclosures and following leases are not required in leases under Montana Law, but contribute to either reducing future disputes with tenants or reducing the legal liability of landlords. Montana leases create binding agreements between a landlord and a tenant on the use of commercial and residential real estate. All contracts must comply with the provisions of Chapter 24 of Title 70 and, once all parties have been put in place, including correct disclosures and the signing of the contract, the form will become legally binding on all parties involved. Tenants and landlords can only terminate the contract with the agreement of both parties. Month by month. A month-to-month lease is indeterminate, with rent generally payable monthly.

The agreement can be written or may be an oral agreement. Either the landlord or the tenant can change the conditions, increase the rent or terminate the month contract at any time with a correct announcement. The termination that a tenant must notify a landlord when moving depends on the nature of the tenancy agreement. A moving tenant cannot sublet or transfer possession of the rental unit to another person unless the landlord has authorized it in writing. Fitness (No. 70-16-703) – language is required in all rental agreements or in this form to confirm that the owner has no prior information about mold on the site. At the time of the landlord and tenant`s conclusion, the lessor must provide the tenant with a written statement signed by the landlord on the condition of the property. If the lessor does not make such a statement, the landlord cannot keep part of the tenant`s deposit in compensation if the tenant moves, unless the lessor can clearly prove that the tenant caused the damage.

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