Manpower Deployment Agreement

27. In the event of disagreement between the company and the contractor over this agreement and the implementation of the company manager`s decision, the contractor is definitively and binding. 20. The company acts in respect of the contractor, its workers in this agreement, through one or more representatives whose name or name is communicated to the contractor as an authorized representative.28 The agreement is subject to the provisions of a system established u/s 3 of the Dock Workers Act 1948 and the rules that apply to it. If a provision of this agreement is contrary or inconsistent with a provision of such a system that applies to the use of dockworkers and applies to that agreement, that provision of the agreement is deemed to be null and forth to the parties. 29. This agreement is also subject to the provisions of the Dock Workers (Safety, Health and Welfare) Act 1986 and the applicable rules. The company as the main employer, contracting it as a worker and the workers it employs are bound by the provisions of the law and rules. 26. This contract may be terminated by the company or is deemed terminated by the company in any of the following events; 12. If a statutory compensation for the worker provided by the contractor is not appropriate or is not incompatible with the employment service or, if applicable, is not made available, the company will make it available within the statutory time frame and the contractor is obliged to bear the costs he has incurred at the company`s request. 17. The holder pays wages in the rate prescribed by the 1970 Act, in particular.

(7) Compensation for the benefits to be provided by the contractor, provided that the company pays the contractor on the following basis. d. If the treaty becomes illegal b virtuous of a law. 25. The contractor must comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the relationship between the employer and the worker, as if the contractor were the employer and the worker the employee. The contractor undertakes to compensate and compensate the company for any losses, royalties and expenses it has incurred as a result of violations of laws or regulations. 5. The company proposes to entrust the work of loading and unloading the company`s vessel arriving in that port and the contractor has agreed to provide the work for this purpose on the following conditions recorded and agreed between the parties. 1.

The company designates the contractor as a contractor for the supply of labour who carries out the loading and unloading operations in a company vessel when it arrives in that port. As witnesses, the parties have their hands and seal the day and year first. 21. When workers provided by the contractor for loading and unloading the cargo are required to work more than 8 hours, the contractor is required to pay overtime wages, as required by law. The company reimburses overtime wages. However, if workers are required to work less than 8 hours, the contractor is not entitled to assert a right against the company because he is required to pay the workers their wages for 8 hours of work. The agreement is reached at________ this _________day_______ between M/s.

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