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Hands-on Learning! is an online intercultural competency course accompanying your internship abroad. Here, in practice and in theory, you can train your communication and relationship skills in the international context and prepare yourself for your Erasmus internship. If the course is successfully completed, a certificate will be issued. At Ulm University, the student must submit the Learning Agreement for Traineeships to the jury chair or the specialized coordinator ERASMUS (medicine) for filling and signing. Under Table B – Sending Institution, the Chair of the Review Committee or the specialized coordinator ERASMUS (medicine) must indicate how academic recognition will be carried out and whether it is a compulsory or voluntary internship. It is possible to participate in the DAAD group insurance, which offers a special rate for Erasmus participants, which includes health/accident insurance and liability (SMT: Tariff 720) Learning Agreement: students who have received a commitment must establish a Learning Agreement in agreement with the Examination Board. The review board or the chair of the jury must confirm the formal recognition of the credits on this form. Other care is provided by KOOR/BEST eksinrab.anis (Sina Barniske). Please note that there is no legal right to aid or a certain amount of subsidy.

Amount of aid: Financial support for students` Erasmus stays is based on differences in the cost of living in the destination countries («program countries»). There are three different groups of countries. It is also possible to promote so-called «mixed mobility,» i.e. internships that are partly done in a local company, partly in the Home Office. The terms of the exit agreement of 31 January 2020 stipulate that the UK will continue to participate in the current Erasmus generation (2014-2020). All mobility ending 30.09.2022 will be encouraged. As of 01.01.2021, there are currently unexplained rules. In the event of an early abandonment, the scholarship can be recovered.

In some countries, students with a specific nationality also require a work permit for internships. However, in most countries, there are exceptions for Erasmus trainees. Please check with the relevant embassy or the relevant consulate.dem. For languages not covered by online language support (OLS) (Macedonian, Norwegian and Turkish), fellows can apply for a grant for language courses and self-learning materials. KOOR/BEST reimburses expenses of up to 350, EUR, including a maximum of 100, EUR for teaching materials, after submitting the original payment copy. In the case of a language course, confirmation of participation is required. Payment documents and confirmations of participation must be provided in the original. A brief informal email announcement with a rationale for the suitability of the planned course must be available before the start of the KOOR/BEST course.

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