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Entry to the port of St. Petersburg with the regular ferry can only take place from the ports of Tallinn (Estonia) or Helsinki (Finland). It is also possible to travel without a visa for 72 hours from the port of Stockholm with the stop in Helsinki. [118] [119] A diplomatic visa is issued to a foreign citizen holding a diplomatic passport. A diplomatic visa is issued: the Russian visa is a machine-readable document that is housed in the holder`s passport. All fields are shown in Russian and English, but they are only filled in Russian. The owner`s name appears in both the Roman and Cyrillic alphabets. In September 2013, the President of Russia sent to Parliament the bill introducing the 72-hour visa-free transit. The list of airports and the list of states that will allow citizens to use visa-free transit for tourism purposes will be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation after ratification. In 2014, Parliament indefinitely suspended the ratification of the law.

[534] Russia requires that a foreigner who requires a visa at entry be in possession of a valid visa upon departure. To meet this formal requirement, exit visas may be required. Russia needs an exit visa if a visitor stays well above the expiry date of his visa. They must then renew their visa or apply for an exit visa and do not leave the country until they have applied for a valid visa or have no excuses for exceeding their visa (. For example, a mention of a doctor or hospital reporting illness, missed flight, lost or stolen visa). In some cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may issue a return-to-home certificate valid for ten days from the embassy of the visitor`s country of origin, eliminating the need for an exit visa. [524] [525] [526] A transit visa is issued for up to ten days to foreign citizens for transit in the territory of Russia. Ticket holders for 2018 World Cup matches can enter Russia without a visa from June 4 to July 15, 2018 using a personalized card (also known as Fan-Pass or Fan ID) and their valid passport.

Spectators admitted with an ID fan were due to leave Russia by July 26, 2018. According to Russian border services, more than 633,000 foreigners arrived in Russia with a FanID instead of a visa. Of these, 68,000 were Chinese citizens, 52,000 were from the United States, 44,000 from Mexico, 31,000 from the United Kingdom and 30,000 from Germany. [109] Subsequently, Russia extended its visa-free visa regime for foreign football fans until the end of 2018. [110] On 19 June 2020, Russia and Belarus signed a mutual visa recognition agreement. [107] Once ratified, visa exemption will be possible for holders of a valid visa or residence permit in Belarus. [108] The name that appears in the automatic reading area at the bottom of the visa represents the Cyrillic name of the holder associated with the Roman alphabet. This allows Russian computer systems to read the Cyrillic name, although machine readers can only read the Roman alphabet. As a result, the spelling of a name in the machine-readable area does not necessarily reflect its spelling in the visa name field. For example, the name «Christoph» would appear in the field as «Kp-C-o/Christoph,» but the MRZ would include the name «Kristof.» Participants at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok will be able to attend a visa-free event from 8 to 15 September 2018. [540] The following Russian international airports do not have international transit zones, i.e. a transit visa is required to connect: the Russian government has ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sign an agreement with Georgia[187] Latvia,[188] and Tunisia.

[189] Traditional solutions to increase trade and investment such as free trade agreements, investment agreements and the single currency are the subject of much discussion in university forums.

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